About Us

Taiwan Kentaur Corporation, founded in 1989, specializes in the production of Active Touch Pens, Multi-function Pens, Metal Writing Instruments, and Calligraphy Gift Sets. We primarily focus on Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) and Original Design Manufacture (ODM) for sales abroad, while focuses secondarily on local sales. To achieve sustainable development, we strive of excellency while continue to innovate by designing various new products and own numerous patents.

In Year 2002
Shanghai Kentaur Stationary & Gift Co., Ltd was founded in Shanghai to meet the demands of large volume of product production and sales. It has become one of the primary supply bases in Kentaur industry.

In Year 2008
Kentuar USA Inc. was founded in Las Vegas, NV. It focuses on the establishment of company brand and the sales of specialized products in United States like Calligraphy Gift Sets and Multi-Function pens.

We produce and design various specialized products. Calligraphy and Sealing Kit are one of our proud end products. The sealing kit has taken us two years of research and development, the technicality of producing good quality sealing wax is only known by four companies in the world – Kentaur is one of them. Calligraphy is now one of our most attractive main products.

The recent innovative “smart” products on the market like iPhone and iPad have changed the way people live and have affected the business industry greatly. The demands for accessories for these products have also created another market and production line with their own unique potential. Thus, Kentaur combines our specialty with these “smart” products and begin to innovate and create our own products.

Kentuar has successfully produced and sold touch pens that is compatible with any touch screen devices such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, and Microsoft Surface. Furthermore, Kentaur has also successfully designed an Active Touch Pen with a touch nib at 2.6 mm diameter. It is more comfortable and easy to use, while it also provide more precision than regular touch pens. The process of designing new product continues.

Kentaur also corporates with renowned customers from Europe based on OEM and ODM terms to achieve a more diversified business. Please contact us and find out how Kentaur can satisfy you with our service and products.

Taiwan Kentaur Corporation 允得興業股份有限公司 
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聯絡地址: 248 新北市五股區五權路21-1號1樓 (新北產業園區)